Het was lang geleden, maar ik ben vandaag nog eens gaan wandelen. Samen met onze hond, want ik heb dit weekend thuis doorgebracht. Tijdens zo'n wandeling merk ik wel hoe erg ik het wandelen mis. Doordat ik in een stad woon heb ik zo weinig de mogelijkheid om een gelijkaardige wandeling te maken. Ik heb hier zo van genoten. Hopelijk was jullie weekend even rustgevend.

It had been such a long time, but today I went out for a walk again. Together with our dog, I have spent my weekend at home. While walking, I realised how much I miss walking. I hardly go out for a walk anymore ever since I've moved to the city. I really enjoyed this. Hopefully you all had a relaxing weekend.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What lovely pictures! I love to be in the forest alone. You should find some lovely stroll-arounds in your city too. I love to walk in the dark and peek in the lighted windows to check out, what kind of art they like or plants they have. I am probably a little stalker ;-)! Last days I had no time for a walk though I know how relaxing it is for my mind and body. Hope you find a way, to enjoy it more often too!

  2. It's like a fairy tale. I hope you're well doll - I am now living far from anywhere with an Internet connection so I feel very out of touch. It's refreshing all the same though. x