Animal Tuesday // week 10 to week 18

Yesterday I posted the drawing for week 19 of Animal Tuesday on Instagram. This also means it's time to have a small recap and share some details of the last 9 weeks. The weekly challenge is getting more and more interesting each week. There are still a lot of animals I want to draw! If there's an animal you'd like to see on a Tuesday, just let me know. Getting requests is one of the fun parts of this challenge.

Camera Madness

Those who know me, know it's been difficult breaking free from drawing plants and animals all the time. Things are slowly changing, though. A dear friend and I started having small drawing sessions recently. Drawing together has been so much fun, especially when my cousin joins for a session. I really enjoy these little moments. But, to be honest, I still ended up drawing animals each time. Just not last time! My friend has an amazing collection of (vintage) cameras - amongst other amazing objects. So for the short time we had, I sat down and did pen drawings of two of her cameras. Later that week I drew my own camera. Sadly, my own collection sort of ends here.

I really loved getting back into line work. The end result looks a bit funny because of the weird compositions and lines that aren't as straight as they should be. But I really like it this way. I started drawing the lens and build up from there. You can expect likely work more often, for sure.

Pssst. My dear friend and her boyfriend also have their own business where they sell vintage, retro and antique furniture and home decor. Check them out!!